A man called hero?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 |

Yesterday when i was driving at my hometown,a van in front of my car suddenly perform an emergency brake and stop in the middle of the road.More suprising,the driver came out from the car and walk.He was a Chinese.


First I thought What The Heck man?Surprised

Then i saw a small kitten that can barely walk is crossing the road.The chinese man took the small kitten and put it at the safe place.Then he walk back to his van and continue driving.


I was amazed with him considering not many peoples will do something like that.Usually people will only drive slow and evade the kitten, and just hoping that the small kitten safed on crossing the road.But this man took the most effective action and save one innocent life Thumbs-upThumbs-up


So guys,can we call him a Hero?

SiPutih the jealous wive

Saturday, June 7, 2008 |

Ok i will continue my story about SiPutih,which is Macaroni's child.


Fam 2


Hehe once again my post title is quite weird is it?Confused

Oh forgot to tell that SiPutih is a female cat.

She raised together with Mat Oren and during adult,they married Love Struck


From their married,they got many childs including Spongebox,Puren, Putam,and Mat Turbulance.Smile

2 kitten in the picture is Puren (the white one) and Putam (the black one).


Honestly,for me SiPutih is quite boring (thats why she didnt become my favourite cats Tongue out).

SiPutih also lazy,love to eat,sometimes fierce,but did a good job when raising her child.


What the most interesting about SiPutih is she is a very jealous cat.

She always acting cute,and get angry when saw some female cats that that are more beatiful than her.Usually she will pick fight with the cats Baring teeth

Her husband Mat Oren also a playboy,so they alway argue when Mat Oren come back home.I once saw that SiPutih waiting for Mat Oren at the door of my house (Mat Oren go flirting with another female cat Tongue out),when Mat Oren back,he try to talk to SiPutih,but got slapped instead and SiPutih leave MatOren behind.Then Mat Oren went after her to comfort her.LOL Hot


Thats all for SiPutih story....

As requested from my little brother, here's some story about a cat named Macaroni.


Based on the post titles, I assume you where asking yourself why Macaroni is the Gen2 cats?What is Gen2 from my point of view?Thinking

So here's the answer.Before 2005,my family live in a small wood house.

Then in early 2005,we transferred to a double-storey bungalow.

So the cats that we keep before 2005 in consider Gen1 and starting from 2005 is consider as Gen2.Sound complicated is it?Tongue


Ok lets continue with Macaroni background.

In 2005,my uncle that live in Perak brought  Macaroni to our house.

He adopt Macaroni after macaroni's siblings was died poisoned by unresponsibble human Angry

Oh forgot to tell that Macaroni's gender is female.

During her era,she was a very intelligent cat.She pee at toilet,can cross road by turning left and right (like human lol Surprise) and very skilled in stealing foods(my mum always angry Tongue).

She also very caring about her child.

But unfortunately because of her naughty,my mum ask my uncle to adopt the core to someone else Sad


Macaroni have two child named Mat Oren and Si Putih.

I dont quite like Si Putih but Mat Oren is my most faveret cats until now.Cool

Thats all for tonight..I will continue later with story about Mat Oren life..


Mat Oren


Mat oren


Si Putih



Hi everyone!!

Friday, June 6, 2008 |


Hi everyone!!Thank you for visiting my blog and reading this article.This is my first time running an english language blog.


This blog will be about my cats life journey.Yeah i have a lot of cats from the past till present so i will share everything about my cats as long as I still have the memories about them Happy


The main intention is to express my love for my cats and save the sweet and sad memories with them forever in this blog Winking


The writer is me, cyberfly and also my little brother since he is the one that took care most of the cats.I watch and play with the cats only Tongue


Thats all from me.Hope you enjoy your time in my blog Winking


Monday, March 31, 2008 |

This is some photos of my cats that i manage to capture.Enjoy yourself :)


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